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Baby Corn Whole
  • Fresh Frozen Baby Corn Whole
  • Fresh Frozen Baby Corn Whole
  • Fresh Frozen Baby Corn Whole
  • Fresh Frozen Baby Corn Whole
Fresh Frozen Baby Corn Whole
Item Code: GT1002
Port: Xiamen
Payment: L/C, D/P
Color: Yellow
Lead Time: 2-3 weeks from order confirmation
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Product Details

Fresh Frozen Baby Corn Cuts


 Process Method  IQF
 Size  Whole: Dia=10-20mm/22mm, Length=6-10cm
 Brand  Greentree or OEM
 Crop Season  Mar-Jun, Aug-Nov.
 Package  10*1kg/ctn,1*10kgs/ctn or as per request
 Shelf Life  2 years
 Certificates  HACCP, ISO, BRC, KOSHER, Non-GMO etc.
 Exported Market  EU, USA., etc


Frozen Baby Corn are prepared from safe and fresh baby corn. Through removing the husk and silk, washing, sorting, cutting, blanching, cooling and are freezing in accordance with good manufacturing procedure (GMP) and HACCP, ISO, HALAL, BRC system, packaging and storage under conditions of stringent hygiene.


IQF Baby Corn cutted in uniform size of the length 10-35mm or 20-40mm, which are tener in yellow color, characteristic flavour and taste, free of  defects, no damaged or rotten, no foreign substance, chemicals-free.

Baby Corn Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Baby Corn Nutritional Facts

One of the prominent reasons for which people have started adding baby corn to the daily diet is its ability to reduce fat. Moreover, baby corn has high contents of folic acid and potassium which is good for people of all ages.

1) Carbohydrates and folates: Baby corn contains fewer carbohydrates when compared with those food items that are considered as traditionally rich in this nutrition content. With low carbohydrate content, baby corn can be a suitable food that can be added with cooked food or in salads and is good for people that are trying to reduce obesity. Baby corn is also a rich source of Vitamin B which includes folates that help in improving memory and brain function.

2) Controlling Cholesterol: The vitamin C, carotenoids and bioflavonoids contained in baby corn keep your heart healthy by controlling cholesterol levels and increasing the flow of blood in the body.

3) Skin Care: Baby corn is rich in antioxidants, which help in keeping the skin younger for longer. Baby corn contains vitamin C that help rejuvenate our skin cell which in turn will make a healthy skin.

4) Prevents Anemia: Anemia is a condition where the red blood cell count is reduced considerably due to the lack of iron. Thus, baby corn benefits health as it is rich in vitamin B and folic acid that prevents anemia.

5) Essential During Pregnancy:  Baby corn contains folic acid. Folic acid plays a crucial part to prevent abnormalities in an unborn baby.

6) Improves digestion: Baby corn is filled with high amount fiber,  both soluble and insoluble. Insoluble fiber can stimulate healthy digestion. It also prevents constipation, hemorrhoids and even lowers the risk of colon  cancer considerably.

7) Vision Health: Baby corn contains carotenoids or tetraterpenoids. Carotenoids can help our eyes to stay healthy and lower the risk of cataracts. The more yellow a baby corn is, the higher level of carotenoids it contains.

8) Reduces hypertension: Since baby corn has phenols, it helps in controlling high blood pressure.

Tips of Using Baby Corn

Baby corn is added to various food items. For example you can add them to soups, curries and in salads for enhancing the taste and children love eating them raw even before that are added to the cooked items. You can make them a part of your daily diet. Also baby corn is perfect for pickling.


All year around 

Stored and Transport

Best Before : 2 years

Cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of -18℃. Consume immediately once defrosted.

Microbilogical Standard

Total Plate Count(TPC)          <100000cfu/g                            E.coli                                   Negative                          Coliform                               <100cfu/g                                  Yeast                                  <200cfu/g                        Mould                               <100cfu/g                              Staphylococcus aureus         Negative                       Salmonella                            Absent/25g                                Listeria                                 Absent/25g

Frozen Baby Corn Whole

IQF Baby Corn Whole

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