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  • Fresh Frozen Cauliflower White
  • Fresh Frozen Cauliflower White
Fresh Frozen Cauliflower White
Item Code: GT1012
Port: Xiamen, Qingdao
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Color: White
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Fresh Frozen Cauliflower White


 Process Method  Frozen/IQF
 Size  Florets Diam: 10-20mm,20-40,30-50,40-60mm
 Brand  Greentree or OEM
 Crop Season  Nov-Next March
 Package  1*10kgs or as per request
 Certificates  HACCP, ISO, BRC, KOSHER, Non-GMO etc.
 Exported Markets  North American, Asia, EU, Middle East, Oceania


Frozen Cauliflower are carefully prepared from clean, fresh flower heads of the cauliflower plant (Brassicaoleracea botrytis) plant by trimming, washing, blanching, sorting, and properly draining. The product is frozen in accordance with good commercial practice and maintained at temperatures necessary for its preservation under HACCP, ISO and BRC System.


IQF Cauliflower possess the characteristic flavor, odor, color and rich nutrition, uniform size of florets 20-40mm, 30-50mm or 40-60mm, well trimmed without leaves or peices of leaves, free from free from grit and silt and any foreign matters.

Cauliflower Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Cauliflower is high in both fiber and vitamin C. It also contains a fair amount of vitamin A, folate, calcium and potassium as well as selenium, which works with Vitamin C to boost the immune system. Cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower are touted for their high levels of cancer-fighting phytochemicals know as glucosinolates. 

1) Cauliflower has a surprisingly high amount of vitamin C, which promotes skin and brain health.

2) Glucosinolates are sulfur-containing compounds that give cauliflower its pungent smell and flavor. Glucosinolates activate the body's detoxification system. Cauliflower contains the second highest amount of glucosinolates, after broccoli.

3) The sulforaphane found in cauliflower has been shown to protect the vulnerable tissues of the retinal area from oxidative stress that can result in blindness, cataracts, macular degeneration, and more.

4) Also sulforaphane in cauliflower, which has also been shown to kill cancer stem cells, thereby slowing tumor growth. Research has been found that sulforaphane has significantly role to improve blood pressure and kidney function.

5) Cauliflower contains a wealth of anti-inflammatory nutrients to help keep inflammation in check, including indole-3-carbinol or I3C, an anti-inflammatory compound that may operate at the genetic level to help prevent the inflammatory responses at its foundational level.

6) Cauliflower is an important source of dietary fiber for digestive health.

How to Use Cauliflower

Cauliflower can be eaten raw or cooked. Raw, it is eaten on its own accompanied by a dip or cut up and added to salads. When cooked, it can be eaten as a side dish, alone or topped with a sauce. It is also often added to other dishes, such as stir fries, pasta, quiches, omelets, soups, and stews. Cauliflower can be interchanged for broccoli in most recipes.


All year around

Stored and Transport

Best Before : 2 years

Cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of minus 18 DC. Consume immediately once defrosted.

Microbilogical Standard

Total Plate Count(TPC)          <100000cfu/g                            E.coli                                   Negative                          Coliform                               <100cfu/g                                  Yeast                                  <200cfu/g                        Mould                               <100cfu/g                              Staphylococcus aureus         Negative                       Salmonella                            Absent/25g                                Listeria                                 Absent/25g









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