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  • Fresh Frozen Chopped Chives
  • Fresh Frozen Chopped Chives
  • Fresh Frozen Chopped Chives
  • Fresh Frozen Chopped Chives
Fresh Frozen Chopped Chives
Item Code: GT1014
Port: Xiamen
Payment: L/C, D/P
Color: Green
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Fresh Frozen Chopped Chives


 Process Method  IQF
 Size  Cuts: 3-5mm, 4-6mm, Dia<10mm
 Brand  Greentree or OEM
 Crop Season  May-Jun, Nov-Dec.
 Package  1*10kgs or as per request
 Shelf Life  2 years
 Certificates  HACCP, ISO, BRC, KOSHER, Non-GMO etc.
 Exported Market  EU, USA., etc


Frozen Chopped Chives are prepared from safe and fresh raw chivesThe smallest and most delicate member of the onion family with thin green blades that are hollow inside. Through washing, cleaning, sorting, chopping, blanching, and are freezing in accordance with good manufacturing procedure (GMP) and HACCP, ISO, HALAL, BRC system, packaging and storage under conditions of stringent hygiene.


IQF Coriander Cuts, which chopped in uniform length size of 3-5mm or 4-6mm, well trimmed, with a mild, grassy flavour similar to baby spring onions or young leeks. free from decay and damage, preserves fresh-picked flavor aroma and color resulting in herbs that are fresher than fresh and ready for using as a seasoning herb.

Chives Nutrition Facts and Benefits

Raw Chives Nutrition FactsChives are a nutrient-dense food, they are low in calories they are high in beneficial nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They provide 3% of the daily value of both vitamins A and C.  Also contain a small amount vitamin K, folate, choline, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

1) Antioxidants: Quercetin and vitamin K are two of several antioxidants found in chives. which can effectively prevent a wide range of cancers. Zeaxanthin and lutein, two other antioxidant compounds found in chives, have been linked to lower chances of oral cancers.

2) Heart Health: Allicin in chives reduce the levels of “bad” cholesterol and lower blood pressure to improve heart health. Which combined with the potassium in chives can have a major impact on reducing cardiovascular strain. Also Quercetin in chives can reduce the risk of plaque buildup in arteries.

3) Immune System Booster: Chives are rich in vitamin C, which help to boost the efficacy of the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells and stimulating the production of collagen, which is an essential component in the creation of new blood vessels, cells, tissues, and muscles.

4) Bone Strength: Chives are a rich source of vitamin K, which is very important in the maintenance of bone mineral density and bone integrity. 

5) Vision Health: The carotenes found in chives, namely lutein and zeaxanthin, are directly responsible for reducing oxidative stress in the ocular system and delaying the appearance of cataracts in the eye.

6) Digestive: The allyl sulfides and other unique organic compounds found in chives, can effectively ease digestive discomfort. Chives also are an excellent source of dietary fiber. 

7) Birth Defects: Chives are rich source of folic acid for mothers.

8) Antibiotic: Chives have antibiotic properties like most plants in the allium group. This makes chives an excellent natural defense against the common cold, flu and certain yeast infections. 

How to Use Chives

Chives are used as both a garnish and as an aromatic herb. Use chives in garnishes, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, vegetable stocks, soups, smoked salmon, creamy sauces, potato dishes and omelettes, steaks or use it as a rub for chicken. Typically, Chives are added at the end of the cooking process because they lose flavor when heated. Use as a salad dressing or marinade. Add chopped Chives to olive or another oil to use as a dip for crusty bread. 


All year around 

Stored and Transport

Best Before : 2 years

Cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of -18℃. Consume immediately once defrosted.

Microbilogical Standard

Total Plate Count(TPC)          <100000cfu/g                            E.coli                                   Negative                          Coliform                               <100cfu/g                                  Yeast                                  <200cfu/g                        Mould                               <100cfu/g                              Staphylococcus aureus         Negative                       Salmonella                            Absent/25g                                Listeria                                 Absent/25g

Chives RawIQF Chives

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