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Passion Fruit
  • Fresh Frozen Passion Fruit Puree 1kg
  • Fresh Frozen Passion Fruit Puree 1kg
  • Fresh Frozen Passion Fruit Puree 1kg
  • Fresh Frozen Passion Fruit Puree 1kg
  • Fresh Frozen Passion Fruit Puree 1kg
  • Fresh Frozen Passion Fruit Puree 1kg
Fresh Frozen Passion Fruit Puree 1kg
Item Code: GT2016
Port: Xiamen
Payment: L/C, D/P
Color: Golden
Lead Time: 2-3 weeks from order confirmation
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Product Details

Fresh Frozen Passion Fruit Puree 1kg


 Process Method  IQF
 Size 10kg block, 1kg block, 30g block or as per you request
Brix 13±1%
 Brand  Greentree or OEM
 Crop Season  Jun-Aug
 Package  1*10kgs or as per request
 Shelf Life  2 years
 Certificates  HACCP, ISO, BRC, KOSHER, Non-GMO etc.
 Exported Market  North American,South-East Asia, EU, Middle East


Frozen Passion Fruit Puree are prepared from sound, properly ripened passion fruits, by cleaning, wshing, sorting, peeling, pureeing, then freezing and packing without the addition of a nutritive sweetening ingredient or any other ingredient, and are frozen in accordance with GMP and maintained at temperatures necessary for the preservation of the product.


IQF Passion fruit puree are pleasantly sweet and tart, our passion fruit puree is just passion fruits pulp (not from concentrate), 100% natural, No preservatives. They are with or without seeds. Used in natural beverages, flavor industry, sorbets, bakery and fine pastries. Passion fruit not only preferred by seductive fragrance but also its health benefits. Passion fruit is very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin and minerals, such as: vitamin A, C, Mg, Fe, Ca, etc.

Passion Fruit Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Passion fruit is a nutritious tropical fruit. Passion fruit is a good source of fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A, it’s a nutrient-dense fruit.

1) Blood Pressure: The richness of potassium and low sodium in passion fruit is responsible for health benefits of passion fruit on our blood pressure.

2) Immune System:  Loaded with vitamins and phytonutrients, passion fruit is such a great booster for human immune system.

3) Antioxidant: Passion fruit contains a high amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both are strong anti-oxidants. Antioxidants in passion fruit primarily eliminate free radicals, which have been linked to anti-cancer properties, particularly in terms of oral and lung cancers.

4) Eye Health: Passion fruit contains a high amount of antioxidants like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and flavonoids. These nutrients protect eyes from free radical damage and take care of the mucous membranes that shield cornea of the eye.

5) Digestion:  Passion fruits are a very strong source of fiber, which is a essential component of a health diet.

6) Asthma: Flavonoids found in passion fruit are helpful to control asthma symptoms.

Tips of using Passion Fruit

Passion fruits are very versatile. Eat them on theirs own or add them to drinks, desserts and yogurt. Passion fruits can also be used to make delicious salad dressings.


All year around 

Stored and Transport

Best Before : 2 years

Cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of -18℃. Consume immediately once defrosted.

Microbilogical Standard

Total Plate Count(TPC)          <100000cfu/g                            E.coli                                   Negative                          Coliform                               <100cfu/g                                  Yeast                                  <200cfu/g                        Mould                               <100cfu/g                              Staphylococcus aureus         Negative                       Salmonella                            Absent/25g                                Listeria                                 Absent/25g


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