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Green Onion
  • Fresh Frozen Spring Onion Slices
  • Fresh Frozen Spring Onion Slices
  • Fresh Frozen Spring Onion Slices
Fresh Frozen Spring Onion Slices
Item Code: GT1025
Port: Xiamen, Qingdao
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Color: Green
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Product Details

Fresh Frozen Spring Onion Slices


 Process Method  IQF
 Size  Cuts: 4-6mm
 Brand  Greentree or OEM
 Crop Season  Mar-Apr, Sep-Oct
 Package  1*10kgs or as per request
 Shelf Life  2 years
 Certificates  HACCP, ISO, BRC, KOSHER, Non-GMO etc.
 Exported Market  EU, USA., etc


Frozen Spring Onion Slices are the product prepared from safe and fresh spring onions, by washing, cleaning, sorting, chopping, and then freezing in accordance with good manufacturing procedure (GMP) and HACCP, ISO, HALAL, BRC system, packaging and storage under conditions of stringent hygiene.


IQF Spring Onion Slices, which chopped in uniform length size of 4-6mm, well trimmed, possess a good flavour and odor, free from decay and damage, preserves fresh-picked flavor aroma and color that are fresher than fresh and ready for using.

Spring Onions Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Spring onions are rich in vitamins including Vitamin C, Vitamin B2 and thiamine. They also contain Vitamin A and Vitamin K. In addition, these are good sources of copper, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, chromium, manganese and fiber. Spring onions are a strong source of flavonoids such as quercetin. A health promoting organic compound allyl propyl disulphidecan also be found in spring onions.

1) Cardiovascular Health: Sulfur compounds in spring onions help in reducing and controlling blood pressure levels.

2) Diabetics: The chromium content in spring onions provides health benefits of diabetics.

3) Anti-bacterial properties in spring onions help to fight against common cold and flu.  Which also provide relief from digestive discomforts.

4) Quercetin in spring onions provides anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine benefits. It’s a good vegetable for treating arthritis and asthma.

5) Eye Health: Green onions contain carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin that exert an eye-protective effect. 

6) Allicin in spring onions is good for the skin as it protects from skin wrinkling.

7) Bone Health: Spring onions are loaded with high levels of vitamin C and vitamin K, both of which are essential for normal functioning of bones.

8) Anti-cancer: Green onions are rich in powerful sulphur-containing compound called allyl sulphide that helps in reducing the risk of developing colon cancer.

Tips of Using Spring Onions

Spring onions are commonly used raw in salads, as well as cooked in stir fries and pasta sauces. They can be a flash blanched and grilled , which brings out more the robust and sweet elements of the onions for fish and meats. Saute sliced spring onions as a gravy for chicken or toss with fresh fettucine, ricotta and top with a fried duck egg. Stir chopped spring onions into mashed potatoes or cream of potato soup.


All year around 

Stored and Transport

Best Before : 2 years

Cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of -18℃. Consume immediately once defrosted.

Microbilogical Standard

Total Plate Count(TPC)          <100000cfu/g                            E.coli                                   Negative                          Coliform                               <100cfu/g                                  Yeast                                  <200cfu/g                        Mould                               <100cfu/g                              Staphylococcus aureus         Negative                       Salmonella                            Absent/25g                                Listeria                                 Absent/25g


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