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Reliable Quality
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Reliable Quality

Reliable Quality

Quality assurance and safe food production is an essential part of the technological process at our factory. Our mission is to carry out the consumers’ needs and expectations with high quality frozen vegetable and fruits at competitive prices. We manage comprehensive quality assurance and food safety programs that far exceed industry mandates. 

Our quality system

Developed quality, we have invested in new technology and equipments to esure all products in top quality and safety. Trace Back System (TBS) from field plant to retail user has been used. All products guaranteed free from genetic modifications.

Production quality, the control starts with planting and growing vegetables and fruits in the farms that registered with CIQ,  a complete farm management system and the technical person will follow and inspect the growing process, such as seed selection, usage of pesticide and fertile. Times and frequency will be reported and filed to assure pesticide residual reach to export standard. Compulsory test of pesticide for raw materials , semi-finished and final products, also microbiological test undertook for semi and final product for each batch.


Microbiology Testing Lab

Microbiology Testing Lab


Gas Chromatography Machine

Gas Chromatography Machine 


Our QC and Technical team strictly control and inspect the processing process and workshop sanitation under 5S and HACCP system. It is only by using high quality raw ingredients and packaging material in addition to scientific processing and storing can produce high quality frozen products. Every step in the processing is critical to control the quality of the final products.  

- Good Manufacturing Procedures


- Sanitation Programs

- Microbiological Testing

- Pesticide Residuals Testing

- Heavy Metal Testing

- Recall Program 

Deliver quality, we consistently deliver against exacting specifications and performance requirements of fruits and vegetables in the past 20 years. High-speed, superbly-managed plants guarantee our customers can depend on Greentree.